Mission statement

www.themandus.org is an initiative of Kardoorair Press. Our intention is to provide an educational resource and a forum for debate for Neanderthal Predation theory.

Using material from the website

Material from this website can be freely downloaded. In respect of the La Ferrassie Neanderthal reconstruction images, please refer to the conditions on our Creative Commons license page.

Site history

A limited access paper on NP theory was first published online for academic appraisal on February 8, 2007. ©2007 by Danny Vendramini.

This full access website was launched on 20 July 2009. ©2009: themandus.org

The La Ferrassie Neanderthal reconstruction images created by Arturo Balseiro (Dharma Esturdio, Madrid) were added on 16 September 2009.

The ebook was added on Feb 9, 2010

The site underwent a major upgrade in Feb 2015 to the WordPress platform

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Some materials on the site are copyright and are reproduced for research and educational purposes under the ‘fair dealing’ provisions of the Australian Copyright Act and ‘the ‘fair use’ provisions of US copyright law. They are selected at the discretion of the webmaster as they represent principles discussed in the text. No company whose product appears in any advertisement reproduced on this website, nor any company that prepared such an advertisement, is in any way responsible for the opinions expressed here.