How we became human


Vendramini’s ‘Neanderthal Predation Theory’ is one of those rare unified field theories that explains a whole raft of little understood human physical and behavioral phenomena. It reveals for the first time how human physiology, behavior and sexuality – everything that defines us as uniquely human – were the consequence of 50,000 years of Neanderthal sexual and cannibalistic predation.

Check out what Them+Us reveals about the evolution of:

  • Human physiology: why we look so different to every other primate. Read more
  • Sexuality: why we evolved a unique sexual system based around romantic love. Read more
  • Human nature: How and why our repository of innate behaviors and emotions emerged in response to Neanderthal predation. Read more
  • Mythology: Discover why myths and movies are preoccupied with monsters, heroes and the struggle between good and evil. Read more