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Them + Us and our peer review process

tony-bennett2The prospect of receiving a manuscript which will transform a world scientific viewpoint is a publisher’s ultimate dream. When Danny Vendramini sent a draft of Them and Us I became excited from the very first chapter. My hunch that this work would transform our thinking about Neanderthals and humans was supported by a glowing reader’s report from an eminent scholar of anthropology and archaeology. It is a true honour to have the Kardoorair imprint on this work.

Anthony Bennett,

Managing Director, Kardoorair PressWebsite-Image


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A limited number of copies are available for reviewers. Send your request on letterhead and please provide the name and address of the publication to which the review is to be submitted. Please indicate the expected date of publication of the review. As an independent, unsubsidized publisher, Kardoorair Press will consider each request for review copies on its merits.


Curriculum evaluation copies


A copy of Them+Us is available free to educational professionals for evaluation purposes. Send your request on departmental letterhead and provide details of the course for which you are using the book, the expected enrolment and the date of instruction. We would also appreciate the name and address of the campus bookstore or other bookseller that would be ordering the book for the course.


Free copies for academics


The author has requested a number of free copies be set aside for academics whose principal field of research is human or Neanderthal evolution. This offer is limited by the number of books available.


Kardoorair Press: Company History


une2Kardoorair Press was established 30 years ago by a group of external students of literature at the University of New England primarily as an outlet for writers based in the New England Region of New South Wales.

In 2000 Kardoorair was formalized as a trust with Anthony Bennett, Stephen Reading, Anne Gilbert and Tom Maxwell as directors. Today, it publishes a range of Australian books, including education, political, poetry, history, biography and academic works.

Kardoorair Press makes every effort to ensure the papers used in its books are made from trees that have been legally sourced from well-managed and credibly certified forests.

Most of our books are printed by UNEprint, established in 1970 to meet the printing needs of an ever enlarging campus, as well as the distance education students at the University of New England, Armidale.

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