Homo neanderthalensis

Gibraltar_skullDanny Vendramini builds a persuasive case that Neanderthals were a cold adapted species, having evolved in ice-age Europe over 500,000 years.


Neanderthals were cannibals

During that time, they morphed from a dumb omnivore into savage, cannibalistic carnivores – top flight predators of the Middle Paleolithic.


Eventually they became the ‘apex’ predator of Europe, residing at the top of the food chain, and everything else – including the humans they encountered in the Middle East, became their prey.

This new portrait of our closest hominid relatives is the key to understanding human evolution. 

What they didn’t look like

This is how scientists and the media portray Neanderthals, so human-like they wouldn’t look out of place sipping a cappuccino in a Fifth Avenue bistro.
But Vendramini shows they looked nothing like this. These reconstructions are anthropomorphic fantasies conceived by artists and unsupported by scientific evidence.


What they really looked like

reconD2To create a more scientifically accurate reconstruction, Danny Vendramini commissioned the renown digital sculptor, Arturo Balseiro, who laser scanned a Neanderthal skull then used NP theory and the latest computer technology to generate a new reconstruction.

Mythic monsters

panThem+Us argues the terror of being hunted by Neanderthals for over 50,000 years instilled in modern humans an innate dread of Neanderthals. Although long extinct, these dreaded nocturnal predators continue to haunt the human imagination.

 How Neanderthals changed humans

1mammoth-2The core of Vendramini’s thesis is that this systematic Neanderthal predation had a profound evolutionary effect on humans. It changed them from a docile timid African hominid into what we are today, physical and behaviorally unique.

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