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NP theory confirmed by the Draft Neanderthal Genome Sequence


On May 7, 2010, the long awaited Draft Sequence of the Neanderthal Genome was published in Science. Amazingly, all the major findings of the 3 year, US$6.4 million study by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig were anticipated in Danny Vendramini’s 2009 book, Them and Us.

The principal findings that Vendramini predicted using Neanderthal Predation theory include:

  • Neanderthal males interbred with human females.
  • The  gene flow did not occur in reverse- ie. human males didn’t mate with Neanderthal females.
  • The interbreeding occurred only in the Middle East.
  • Interbreeding occurred between 100,000 – 50,000 years ago.
  • The interbreeding took place before humans spread out across the world.
  • The Neanderthal genes in the human genome do not code for overt physical or behavioural traits.

It has been a long time since a scientific theory has predicted observational data with such accuracy. It’s undoubtedly the strongest  proof yet for Vendramini’s extraordinary theory of human origins.

May 12th 2011

New finding support Vendramini’s theory


“Who killed the Neanderthals? New dates could hold clues”

neanderthal_g2You might say it’s the coldest cold case in the history of cold cases. And now, scientists have another lead in this prehistoric who-done-it.

It appears Neanderthals died out earlier than thought – roughly around the same time they came into contact with modern humans.
 That means a big, hairy, prehistoric finger could be pointing squarely at our ancestors…”

Check out Danny Vendramini’s video on YouTube

Neanderthal:Profile of a super-predator

 It’s his take on what Neanderthals really looked like

Painting a grim picture of the Neanderthal

24 November 2009

Kirsten Garratt interviews Danny Vendrmmini on the ABC Radio National Book Show
 Introduction by Ramona Koval

Modern science has long painted Neanderthals as our placid cousins. But a new book claims that the Neanderthal was actually a brutal carnivore who hunted and raped humans and then ate them.

And it’s written not by a scientist or anthropologist, but an Australian former filmmaker.

Danny Vendramini, who describes himself as a ‘biological theorist’, has spent years researching the topic to paint a new but highly unflattering and grim picture of Neanderthal man.

The book is controversial not only because of its explosive theories but also because the author has no formal scientific background…

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Radio 2UE interview with Danny Vendramini

I couldn’t put it down once I’d started reading it... I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a book more than ‘Them and Us’ in my life… one of the best books you’ll ever read.”    Don Burke
A podcast of the interview is available on the 2UE website – Saturday 24th October. 2009

Neanderthal man was a brutal carnivore who hunted and raped humans, claims Danny Vendramini

By Malcolm Holland

“THEY have long been painted by modern science as our placid cousins, living alongside early man until finally dying out.

But a new theory paints Neanderthal man as a brutal carnivore who hunted and raped humans then ate his victims.

In his controversial new book, Sydney “biological theorist” Danny Vendramini claims Eurasian Neanderthals almost wiped out early humans, called Cro-Magnons….”


Scoop – Independent News – New Zealand

Neanderthals Hunted, Raped And Ate Humans

RTR FM 92.1 Radio‘A Look Back at Ourselves’Monday 26th OctoberPresenter  Bren McGurkA new book by independent scholar Danny Vendramini is challenging previous beliefs about human evolution.‘Them and Us: How Neanderthal Predation Created Modern Humans’, cites research that reveals Neanderthals as savage, cannibalistic carnivores, with humans included in their prey.Previously thought to be docile omnivores, the predacious nature of the Neanderthal instigated the development of many characteristics that are intrinsically human.Pulling together a number of different threads of scientific evidence, the book’s a unique look at evolution and the role of Neanderthals in human development.Bren McGurk spoke to Author Danny Vendramini and took a closer look at where we came from…Listen to the RTRFM Podcast of Bren McGuirk’s interview with Danny Vendramini:http://www.rtrfm.com.au/stories/type/interviews/category/humaninterest/1666

Thank you. Just found your interesting site this morning via a comment on Art de Vany’s private blog, a proponent of “evolutionary fitness,”  a sort of approach to nutrition and exercise informed by evolutionary principles.

I’ll be alerting the readers of my blog to the website and book later today.

Quite interesting.
Richard Nikoley


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05 January, 2010

The Neanderthal Predation theory – some thoughts

There are two, maybe three, books I would like every human to read. They are:
(1) Richard Dawkins’ book “The Selfish Gene”, which I especially recommend before having children – more so if one is strongly driven to have children;
(2) Danny Vendramini’s “Them and Us” (pub. Kardoorair Press, Glebe, 2009, ISBN 9780908244775 ), to be read especially by all would be alpha males/queen bees, but I would also recommend this for teenagers, law makers/enforcers and parents; and
(3) maybe Desmond Morris’ book “The Naked Ape” pub. 1967, hardback: ISBN 0070431744; reprint: ISBN 0-385-33430-3).

Why? Because these books help show us some of the biological imperatives which are built into our physical essences, the self same physical imperatives that we no longer “have” to follow – imperatives that, in fact, are possibly physically, socially, emotionally, ecologically and spiritually harmful to follow.

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